The new version of NANO Antivirus Sky Scan for Windows 10 is released!

Today is the time for the updated NANO Antivirus Sky Scan, now for Windows 10 too!
We present the new version of NANO Antivirus for all users of devices with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
The new version was enhanced to optimize the application. Besides were fixed some errors about which our users reported.
With NANO Antivirus Sky Scan you can easy and fast check a suspicious file using our cloud scan service. Additionally if you have installed NANO Antivirus, the application NANO Antivirus Sky Scan is the handy and effective tool to manage your antivirus protection.
Laconic and elegance interface of the application which was designed specially for modern operation systems is ideal for sensor screens.

NANO Antivirus Sky Scan is freeware. To download and install the application visit Windows Store.

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