Overview of the NANO Antivirus Family of Products

NANO Security has developed a comprehensive family of advanced antivirus products all designed using its own advanced, proprietary technology including:

NANO Antivirus and NANO Antivirus Pro

NANO Antivirus and NANO Antivirus Pro provide protection from all types of malware and include real-time file and network protection and remediation, regular 24/7 updates from the NANO Security antivirus laboratory, an intuitive interface and well-balanced settings for casual users. They also feature a unique licensing system that allows users to share a license on all their devices.

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NANO Antivirus White Label

NANO Antivirus makes its platform available for the development of co-branded versions of NANO Antivirus. The end customer receives the complete ready-to-use product with all of the benefits of NANO Antivirus, but with a distinct logo, color scheme, localization, etc. The product can also have customized functionality if necessary.

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NANO Antivirus Engine

The NANO Antivirus Engine provides an API for the development of independent third-party antivirus solutions based on NANO Antivirus technology. This product also enables the integration of our antivirus technology into existing solutions.

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NANO Antivirus Sky Scan

NANO Antivirus Sky Scan  is a Windows Store application for Windows 8 and Windows 10 which provides easy-to-use access to the NANO Antivirus cloud scan service. If the desktop version of NANO Antivirus is installed on the target device, NANO Antivirus Sky Scan can also be used as a native metro-style shell for a desktop solution. We are currently developing NANO Antivirus Sky Scan for Android platform.

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NANO Antivirus Online Scanner

NANO Antivirus Online Scanner is a web application which allows any user to scan suspicious filesin their web browser. The functionality of NANO Antivirus Online Scanner is also available as a special web form for embedding into third-party sites.

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