Privacy policy

E-Style Software Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) treats with care any information which we receive from our users. Below we are describing which information we may get when you are using products of NANO Antivirus family and how we process it.If you have any questions concerning the information which we get you can reach us via the contacts.Attention! We may change the privacy policy without notice. The current version of the privacy policy is published on our site.

1. Information we collect

  • Files which are sent by users to check for malicious code.
  • Technical information (e.g. Internet protocol addresses, type of Internet browser, its version and so on) which is sent by users to the technical support service using the utility for collecting and sending logs or automatically by user’s consent.

The information which we get can’t be used technically for personal identification.

2. Purpose of use

Files which we get from a user are checked for malicious code to provide the user in online mode with a verdict for these files or to make changes in the virus definitions without further notice.The technical information is used to identify the user’s problems and to provide the user with problem solutions.The received files and technical data may also be additionally analyzed and used for statistical purposes, for product enhancement etc. without notice.

3. How we store and protect information

The information which is received from users is stored on servers of the Company and is protected by all available technical and organizational means against possible illegal spreading. The major part of the received information is saved only within a period of working with services and is deleted after the end of service use.

4. Control over information and disclosure

There are circumstances which are strictly defined by the Russian Federation laws under which information may be transferred on special request to law enforcement to prevent or investigate criminal acts etc. In any other circumstances information may be used for internal purposes only by limited number of representatives of the Company and may not be transfer or disclosure to third parties.

5. Change of information by user

After a file has been sent for checking we don’t have any technical possibilities to identify a sender, therefore we can’t change, delete or send back received files by user’s request. By sending files for checking you agree with this term. Last modified date is 9 December, 2014