NANO Antivirus SDK

We provides API for development of independent third-party antivirus solutions based on the NANO Antivirus technology. This product also allows to integrate our antivirus technology into existing solutions which need it.

NANO Antivirus SDK is effective against any types of malware as cryptolockers, screen blockers, bank trojans, potentially unwanted programs, adware, spyware, etc.

Our company is one of the first-level producers. We hold our own patented antivirus technologies and all infrastructure to guarantee the high quality of our solutions. We have a professional development team and own virus laboratory, which is monitoring topical cyber threats in 24*7 mode. The integration of our SDK is fast and easy. We provide SDK for evaluation.

NANO Antivirus SDK is integrated in the number of services, including VirusTotal (Google) and Metadefender (OPSWAT Inc.).

NANO Antivirus SDK Benefits:

  • The highest quality antivirus technology, confirmed by independent tests and certifications
  • Competitive pricing
  • The platform provides protection against all kinds of malware.

Contact us with questions and to receive an estimate based on your terms and budget.