1. How do I install NANO Antivirus Pro without Internet access?

Answer: To install NANO Antivirus Pro, perform the following actions:

Download and unzip the package for installation in any convenient folder.
Run the setup.exe file.
Follow the instructions of the installer

Attention: To install NANO Antivirus Pro on a computer that does not have an Internet connection, you must first obtain a license file. The process of obtaining a license file is described in detail in question # 2. This functionality is only available in NANO Antivirus Pro.

2. How to activate NANO Antivirus Pro without Internet access?

Answer: If NANO Antivirus Pro is installed on a computer that does not have Internet access, you can obtain the license file by e-mail through the support service. To do this, you need to send a request to support@nanoav.ru for a license for offline activation. The letter should indicate the number of PCs you plan to use this license, the name and e-mail to which the license will be issued, and include the activation key.

3. How can I update NANO Antivirus Pro if it is installed on a computer that does not have Internet access?

Answer: Configure the updates mirroring. On one of the machines (it is desirable that it had constant access to the Internet and was configured for automatic updating of NANO Anti-Virus Pro), in the update settings activate the option “Mirror updates to the specified folder.” As the directory for mirroring, you must select a network folder that is accessible to all users, and then on other machines in the update settings, specify this network folder as the update source. However, you can also simply transfer the folder with the current content to another computer that is not connected to the Internet, and specify it as the update source. Then, save the changes and run the update.

Attention: This functionality is only available in NANO Antivirus Pro.

4. Where can I get the activation key? “NANO AntiVirus Pro” “NANO Antivirus Pro”.

Answer: The activation key for NANO AntiVirus Pro can be purchased from NANO Security or from one of our partners.

5. Can I use one activation key on multiple computers?

Answer: Yes, you can use one activation key on multiple devices. When using the key on the new device, the remaining “protection days” will be proportionally divided among all your devices.
Attention: When using the activation key on the second and subsequent devices, you need to specify the same e-mail that you specified when you first used the key.

6. I activated the activation key on the second, third, etc., PC, while the duration of my license was reduced, is this normal?

Answer: Yes, this is the correct behavior. If you use the key on the new device, the remaining “protection days” will be proportionally divided among all your devices.

7. I made a typo when I entered the e-mail during the first activation of the dynamic license in NANO Antivirus Pro, and now I cannot activate the license for the second, third, etc., PC. What do I do now?

Answer: In this case, you should contact our technical support by email (support@nanoav.ru) from the address where you made a typo when you first activated it.

8. I reinstalled the OS and / or NANO Antivirus Pro, and when I activated the license I received a message that the license is used on other devices. How do I deactivate an “old” license?

Answer: To deactivate the license, you should contact our technical support via e-mail (support@nanoav.ru) from the address that you specified when you first activated the key.

9. Why do I get the error “key activation limit” reached when using the key on the second, third, etc., device?

Answer: When an additional PC is activated, the remaining “protection days” are proportionally divided between all activated devices. In this case, there is one restriction: after the activation of the next PC, each device must have the number of days of protection not lower than the minimum. If this condition is not met, the activation of the next device will not occur, and you will receive the message “Key activation limit reached.”

10. Are the days of protection added by consecutive use of several activation keys on one device?

Answer: No, in this case a new license will be obtained for each new key, which will replace the current one, and the current license will be automatically deactivated (the number of devices using the license will be reduced).

11. What are bonus days of protection, how to get them, and what are they for?

Answer: Bonus days of protection are full-fledged days of protection, received as a bonus. Bonus days can be obtained by activating the license for additional devices, as well as a prize for conducting actions, competitions, etc.

12. Does your antivirus have the ability to mirror updates?

Answer: Yes, this feature is provided in NANO Antivirus Pro. More details about the configuration process are described in question #3.
Attention: This functionality is only available in NANO Antivirus Pro.

13. When I try to obtain a license, I receive an error: “There is no connection to the license server.” What should I do?

Answer: Check that you have an Internet connection. If there is a connection, make sure that firewalls (including the built-in Windows Firewall, as well as the firewalls included in various Internet Security applications) do not block the access to the network processes nanosvc.exe and nanoav.exe. Try disabling the firewalls and retrying . In addition, if you do not use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, make sure that the option “Use proxy server” is disabled in the settings of the antivirus on the “Network” tab. In case you use a proxy server, you need to specify its parameters in the antivirus settings.

14. I’m sure the file is infected, but your antivirus reports that the file is not infected.

Answer: One of the most probable reasons is that there is no sample of this malicious program in our database. Perhaps you’ve got a completely “fresh”, just created malicious program. Please send us an infected file for analysis and addition to the database.

15. I have an antivirus program from another manufacturer on my computer. Will your antivirus work correctly in parallel with another antivirus?

Answer: We do not guarantee correct operation in parallel with antivirus programs of other manufacturers. You can install our antivirus at your own risk. In any case, if you plan to use our system protection feature, we recommend that you disable the protection function in an external antivirus.

16. Are the databases updated automatically or manually?

Answer: By default, our antivirus is updated every 4 hours. You can configure the launch of the update at a convenient schedule for you. Also you can update manually from the main window. In addition, NANO Antivirus Pro provides the creation of custom update tasks.

17. How do I know if the virus database has been updated?

Answer: The virus database has been updated, if the update process has passed without errors. The date of updating the virus database in your version of the antivirus can be viewed in the “About” tab of the “Information” menu item.

18. How do I report a problem?

Answer: You can report a problem by using one of the following methods:

Method # 1: Please use the menu item: “Start-> All Programs-> NANO Antivirus (Pro) -> Send Logs to Support” (do not forget to add a short description of the problem and your e-mail for feedback).
Method number 2: Please use the contact form on this site.

19. Why are there no sound effects?

Answer: By default, sounds are disabled. You can turn them on in the menu item “Settings-> Appearance”.  Sound alerts do not play when the game mode is active.

20. Your antivirus finds at express check  the name of a foreign antivirus malicious object. How do I resolve this situation?

Answer: There are two reasons for this happening. The first (unlikely) scenario is that your third-party antivirus program is infected with a malicious program. The second (most likely) is scenario is that the third-party antivirus program stores its samples for detecting malicious software in an open form, and they are detected by our antivirus software. In order to determine which scenario applies to your situation contact our support team. To avoid such a situation, do not run a third-party antivirus program simultaneously with our antivirus.

21. Why does not my antivirus copy run without installation?

Answer: At the moment there is no portable version of NANO Antivirus products. We do not guarantee the operation of the antivirus program without proper installation.

22. Why does the antivirus program not install/start in Safe Mode?

Answer: In Safe Mode, only the basic services and drivers required to start Windows are downloaded. Drivers and services necessary for the full operation of the antivirus cannot be started.

23. How can I change the selected action for infected and suspicious files in the “System protection” section? Why are these actions reset to “Ask the user” when restarting the antivirus?

Answer: In the “System Protection” tab, actions previously selected by the user on pop-up messages and applied to all such objects are fixed. Accordingly, only the actions provided in the pop-up messages are available. When you restart the antivirus or turn off the protection of the system, the actions selected for all objects are reset. This is done intentionally, because the operation of the system protection is a non-standard situation, requiring a deliberate solution from the user.

24. Are there any antivirus firewalls in the products of the NANO family?

Answer: At present, only the Web Traffic Scanner is available.

25. Is there a proactive defense tool available?

Answer: Our products are equipped with a powerful heuristic analysis engine, which is one of the elements of proactive protection.

26. Is there a free version of NANO Antivirus Pro?

Answer: Yes, there is.

27. Can I use NANO Antivirus with a free license in organizations?

Answer: NANO Antivirus with a free license can only be used on home computers. In organizations use NANO Antivirus Pro. For educational organizations, we offer reduced prices.

28. If NANO Antivirus can be used for free, why are licenses needed?

Answer: We use licenses to obtain statistical information, as well as to identify users when they turn to technical support. Remember that all information we receive from users is used only for our internal purposes and under no circumstances is it transferred to third parties.

29. How do I install NANO Antivirus with a free license for a computer that does not have Internet access?

Answer: You cannot install NANO Antivirus with a free license on a PC without access to the Internet. You must use NANO Antivirus Pro.

30. How can I update NANO Anti-Virus with a free license if it is installed on a computer where Internet access is not available?

Answer: For NANO Antivirus with a free license, it is not possible to upgrade to a PC without access to the Internet. In this situation, use NANO Antivirus Pro.

31. What will happen to my NANO Antivirus beta after the release of the final versions of the antivirus program?

Answer: After the release of the final versions of NANO Antivirus Pro and NANO Antivirus, you will be able to fully use your NANO Antivirus beta before the expiration of your license. After the license expires, you will be asked to go to the final version of our products .

32. What is the compatibility mode?

Answer: In case of parallel operation of programs conflicting with our antivirus, the system’s ability to operate may be violated until the system is completely locked. Therefore, we use compatibility mode for such situations. This is a special mode of operation in which our antivirus can work without conflict with third-party antivirus programs or other conflicting software. In the compatibility mode, the functionality of our antivirus is disconnected, which may conflict with other software installed on the system.

33. How to configure the firewall for the proper operation of NANO Antivirus?

Answer: A firewall is a program designed to block network traffic, therefore, in order for NANO Antivirus to work properly, it is necessaryto add the following addresses to the list of exceptions:

Note: If these recommendations do not solve the problem of updating or obtaining a license for NANO Antivirus, you should also add the following IP addresses to the list of exceptions: