NANO Antivirus White Label

NANO Antivirus White Label is a platform for the development of co-branded versions of NANO Antivirus Pro. It is intended for clients who want to release their own antivirus product but don’t want to undertake the complex and expensive process of creating an antivirus solution from scratch.

NANO Antivirus White Label offers you the ability to brand an antivirus product with your logo, color scheme, localization and other features with all the benefits of NANO Antivirus Pro quickly and easily.

NANO Antivirus White Label Benefits:

  • The highest quality antivirus technology, confirmed by independent tests and certifications
  • Competitive pricing
  • The ability to meet all of your technical requirements
  • The addition of new functionality when necessary
  • Short development cycle
  • Update capabilities via the NANO Security data center
  • Use of your own design for a branded interface
  • Your own licensing schema for your product
  • Priority technical support

Contact us with questions and to receive an estimate based on your terms and budget.