NANO Antivirus has received OPSWAT Certification

The OPSWAT Certification (ex-OESIS OK) has been awarded to NANO AntiVirus in the Antivirus category. The OPSWAT Certification Program is designed to enable partnerships between independent software vendors and leading technology solutions. OPSWAT Certified products are verified interoperable with solutions that employ the OESIS Framework, allowing applications to be easily integrated on millions of endpoints.During the testing process, NANO Antivirus must be correctly installed on all supported operating systems and language combinations reflected in the application’s documentation. Then our product must pass Rogue Application Test. NANO AntiVirus installer and binaries are scanned against lists of known rogue applications by multiple anti-malware engines. The rule is that no applications with any file reported as “suspicious”, “threat” or other nomenclature indicative of rogue applications will be granted certification. Also was checked is OESIS Framework supports the function calls listed.

So, the high quality of our program is approved by an authorized independent company, and our users can be sure they are under reliable protection.

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