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Internet project KM.RU started in 1998 as a reference and encyclopedic resource, offering users an electronic version of the legendary “Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius”. The development of KM.RU was aimed at creating an optimal environment for working with information. This task led to the expansion of the framework of reference and encyclopedic resources and an increase in content depth. In addition, thematic portals were added, reflecting both operational and analytical information. 

Requests and the evolving expectations of users led to the creation of a number of services. KM.RU became the entry point for many Web users. By typing just two letters, KM, Russian-speaking users have access to objective news, up-to-date analytical information on various subjects, KM TV programs, as well as to their mailboxes and social network pages. All resources were under the general brand “Multiportal KM.RU”. Today Multiportal KM.RU is a universal internet portal, the resources of which are visited daily by more than 1 million people. Leading journalists and analysts collaborate with the editorial staff of KM, famous politicians and public figures, popular representatives of culture and experts from different fields also come to the KM TV studio.