About NANO Security

NANO Security Ltd., is an independent developer of advanced global security solutions. Since its founding in 2009, the company has achieved significant growth within the global antivirus market, leveraging its proprietary antivirus engine to develop award-winning products.

As one of only a handful of companies that has a complete antivirus technological production cycle and automated Virus Lab, NANO Security is positioned to be a global leader in the market with the introduction of a full range of security solutions that address the critical need to combat all aspects of online security including viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced core developers, application developers, quality assurance specialists, virus analysts and infrastructure developers who are dedicated to bringing the next generation of global security solutions to fruition in order to combat the growing cybersecurity threats facing our world.

The NANO Security Advantage

NANO Security has developed a comprehensive family of antivirus products all designed using its own advanced, proprietary technology. Our flagship product, NANO Antivirus Pro, is certified by industry-leading organizations and has successfully passed the industry benchmark for effectiveness and quality: the VB100, administered by Virus Bulletin. Our comprehensive suite of solutions offers key advantages for end users and developers:

  • Detection and removing of all types of existing malware
  • Extremely fast scanning
  • Modern and flexible architecture
  • True multi-thread support (supported by independent tests)
  • Flexible detection techniques for dealing with unknown or modified samples
  • Detection of packed and patched samples (all popular packers are supported)
  • Easy integration (JS and Python integration API are available)
  • Usage of deep code emulation technologies (x86 and JS emulators are supported)
  • Advanced behavioral and heuristic analysis
  • Intellectual processing of files depending on format (more than 230 formats are supported)
  • Detection of embedded code and scripts
  • Revealing of obfuscated and encrypted malware
  • Operative response to new threats

Focused on the Security Solutions of the FUTURE

Our technology environment is evolving at a pace never seen before. Every day, new smart devices are being introduced and many of the simple things around us are being enhanced with smart technology—and all of them are potentially vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. This is why NANO Security is continually advancing its existing products and developing new ones to provide smarter protection for those leveraging the new Internet of Things.